Cleaning intercooler without removing engine radiator.   home

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1. Remove bonnet, or as in my case tie it to the roll cage    
2. Remove grill 4 bolts on top, 2 aside  
3. remove plastic fan protector 4 special bolts  
4. remove central metal bracket and lay it aside with Bowden cable attached 2x2 bolt aside, one in the middle
5. remove right side  metal bracket, the one with the bonnet stick 2 bolts
6. remove left side metal bracket 2 bolts
7. remove two bolts from intercooler, top side    
8. remove both hoses from intercooler completely 4 hose clamps [ 6 mm]  
9. remove very carefully, by bending the engine  radiator backwards by an assistant. the inter cooler    
    total time 30 minutes  
10. Cleaned cooler and hoses with diesel and dried it with hot air. 1 hour + drying  
11. Place inter cooler, also very carefully, with an assistant.    
12. mount the hoses 4 hose clamps  
13. mount left and right side brackets 2 x 2 bolts  
14. mount intercooler bolts 2 bolts  
15. mount central bracket 2x2 + 1 bolt  
  and so on. also 30 minutes