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The oil temperature of the gearbox oil can be higher as 105-110 Celsius. Also the temperature of the transfer box can be high.
Where the oil cooler has to be positioned depends on the type of vehicle; A/C, larger inter cooler, winch etc.


  1. Oil cooler

  2. Oil cooler mountings

  3. Hoses  4 meter 1/2"

  4. connection plate gearbox

  5. Thermostat [NO][temp range 80?]

  6. o-ring

Extra parts:

  1. oil temp sensor and display.

  2. oil pressure sensor and display. [range: 0,4 - 0,6 bar(gsmix)]

Extra info:

  1. additional amount of oil

  2. info about oil pump at gearbox. FTC 4206

Standard LR situation:

Without cooler.

In the standard situation there is a short circuit pipe in the oil circuit.

With cooler.

oil cooler FTC5360  
piping to oil cooler294348??  
housing thermosFTC2687135 pound 
piping from oil cooler294349??  
o-ring pipesESR 1594??