Headlight switching  Defender TD5 MY 2003  Main              Click on the photo's to enlarge them.

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Excisting connectors between headlightswitch and cable, 6,3 mm Faston connectors.

switch side  C01082 one blade taken out  C01082contra side  C01082
Red:  to fuse 18 10A  and 19 10A. [C1082-2 to C0581-1]
Blue: to switch lightingswitch [C1082-4 to relais C0282-30]
Brown: current from battery.through fuse of 30A [C1082-1 from A66 from C0571-3]
C0282; AFU3271
C0571; YPC10052
C0581; YQE102850
C1082; AFU3855
Large currents are flowing through this switch causing overheating and destruction. Price of the switch is around 50 euro.
Relais can be used to overcome this problem; many people have documented this change/replacement on the internet.

One example taken from www. blacklandy.de:


Place two relais holders of the type AFU 3271 at the free positions near the lightrelais in the passenger compartment box.

relais 1, all exterior lights. 
a. line going to fuse 18 and 19 C0581-1 is put to relais1 86.
b. new wire from relais1 87 to to fuse 18 and 19 C0581-1
c. wire from relais1 85 to mass.
d. wire from A66 to relais1 30.
relais 2, al two headlights 
a. line comming from lightrelais 87 is put to relais2 86.
b. new wire from relais2 87 to A305, C1739-1
c. wire from relais2 85 to mass.
d. wire from A66 to relais2 30.

Needed two relais with socket. 2 wires to mass; two wires from point A66; and two extra lines.

have to find an earth point and point A66