Second Battery under driver seat.    Main            07-11-2008    Click on the photo's to enlarge them.

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It is possible to have two large batteries [2 x 110Ah] in the space bellow the driverseat.

First you have to raise the main battery by means of a rubbersheet[or the like] by a few millimeters and shift it to the left, a few centimeters. Making room for the second battery. Two studs have to be made to hold the second battery.



A battery switch can be incorpurated to connect both batteries to the startermotor in a case of necessity. Or disconnect a bad main battery and switch the second battery to the startermotor. On the photo you see  two wires connected to one stud one going to the startermotor the other to the main battery. The not connected stud will be connected to the second battery.


This loading and regulator-unit is place below a selfmade cubbybox.


More details of the sterling regulator can be found on
I added a 22 A. power-supply to the system[not on the picture] which enables loading of the batteries from the mains through the regulator and supplies some users e.g. radio