Ubuntu tent.

We travelled 5 weeks with the Ubuntutop tent on our Defender 110.
The temperature span was between 0 and 40 degrees, we had one night strong wind and a short period of heavy rain.
Before this tent we had for many years a polyester roof tent of the triangle type in witch we slept almost 2 years.
What we liked immediately was the mattress and we still do.
The way the openings are arranged and that you only need to open the mosquito door to get fresh air and not both. The air stream through the tent was nicely controllable.
I asking myself if this aluminium tent gives some protection against lightning due to the aluminium construction of the legs and top and bottom, it might be.
You get positively in contact with many people in general and especially the moment you raise or lower the tent. I could show the tent the Spanish Lard Rover club.


At zero our:
The aluminium plate of the bottom part was on one side buckled and air could get through. I decided to kit the opening and used gas and water tight rivets to strengthen it.
I put 4 handles with backing plat to carry it more easily and have some extra grip when opening the latches.
The cable shoes of the control unit I adapted so the eyes had the size of the present bolts, many had a too large bore which are than prone to loosen. On the blade type connectors I applied shrink tube to give a better resistance to short circuit.
From the diagram and a resistance measurement I believe to see that if the raise and lower button are pressed the same moment there will be produced a short circuit.
The shackles of the latches are easy applied with one hand but removing them with one hand when the tent is on top of the car is not that easy, they hook.
    During use:      
The aluminium plate op the top also start to buckle a little bit and a slit appeared. I have to test on leakage and make a picture.
No air went through the slit.
I will apply a aluminium tape around the top plate to prevent it from getting dirty and having water in between. As i did during the travel for a small part.


    When raining water stays on the roof and get into your neck when leaving the tent even after some heavy movements of the tent made from within the tent. Some duct?      
Got probably the zipper or something else between canvas and arm making a hole in the canvas? Possibly you have to close the zippers in the upper middle before lowering the tent. The pull rope was not between the hoist or at the hoist eye side but on the opposite side, strange. The pushing rod for the canvas awing shows wear marks at this arm.


We put solar cells on one side of the roof. The consequence was that one side of the roof will close earlier having a minor influence on the quality of closing. It might be better to put the cells symmetrical on the roof.

Closing the tent when the car is not water levelled has this effect also.

    The last night I did not open correctly one latch toggle clamp, shackle removed, lever moved but not fare enough and the top hook got into the clamp at raising. One of the dynema robes snapped. The next day it was very hard to close the tent.

It is repaired temporary so i can enter the tent without moving the world. But extra care must be aplied.

    When I opened the tent for repairing the pull rope I found a lot of water inside, more than 0,5 litre in the channel on the sides and a lot of it in and under the mattress.

It could be condensation or rain water???

We took out the mattress, the opening of the protective sleeve was downside.

And will check if rain was the cause.

It had rained the last travel day during driving en a few times stationary.

Is it possible to get some canvas and yarn and if applicable glue instructions for the canvas repair.
Some dynema rope for one leg.
Some roof inner lining if I have to rivet the roof after applying some kit to protect against condensation on the rivet and glue instruction for the dazzling inner lining.
If present, instruction for setting up the ropes to save some time.


I will think about the construction of the locking system. Electrical contactors?, sliders, etc . In combination with a mean of keeping the tent upright after broken rope etc.


    OEM production dowel pin/locating pins/threaded dowel pin