External  rollcage defender 110 HT, front legs     Main            07-11-2008    Click on the photo's to enlarge them.

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Disassembling right wing..


Remove bracket


Removing part of fender.


Adapting bracket to frame, holes did not match, made to fit.


Measure needed spacer.


Inner front leg and spacer plate are connected by selfmade extra bolt and a hole is drilled at the side for a poprivet. This to make the assembly easier later on.


The spacer plate of the front leg will not be used, but is a nice tool during assembly.

Due to the extra added zink and paint the folowing bracket got thicker and I had to adapt  a spacer for fitting.

From the import compagny I received some extra parts, also 8 new parts for mounting the front inner legs. I do not know which are better the one I already had or the later ones.