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Engine immobilisation and anti-theft alarm

Thiese functions are realized by the Alarm-ECU which measures some sensors en switches and depending on the setting will produce immobilisation and alarm.
Interior light and central door locking are controlled by the alarm ecu [AS10].
Immobilisation and alarm are  by flips

The Nanocom diagnostic unit can be used to measure and set AS10 values.

Passive sensors. [Alarm -> ground]

1. Driver door.
2. Passenger doors in combination with rear door.
4. Bonnet.

Active sensors.

1. Ultra sound interior sensor, volumetric protection. if triggered replaces feed by pulses [ longer than 50 ms or 3/min]
2. Coil for immobilisation system. Is read when ignition is on. It exites the handset which sends a remobilisation code.
3. Crack rpm.
4. Flip [RF handset]


1. Alarm light [LED] in Speedo meter. Flases when alarm is set for 10 seconds the goes to a slower speed until the alarm is disarmed
2. Horn[s]
3. Alarm lights.[ 3 flashes = armed, 1 flash = disarmed]
4. Immobilisation. The AS10 sends the ECU a coded digtal signal
5. Interior light. will illuminate when disarmed for a certain period.

Diagram for 1999 Defender TD5, younger types may differ.


Interior light