Troubles around drive train.   Back 

Land Rover Defender TD5 2003.  177700 km

Troublesome noise  from the drive train when speeding above, say, 70 kmh.

Propeller shafts replacement no influence.

Transferbox removed

There is a small leakage from a. outputseal gearbox ans/or b. inputseal transferbox and/or c. in between shaft transferbox ?


The transfer box is swetting around the diff lock lever.



Axial play output flange: 0,15 mm   radial play: -
Axial play input flange: -   radial play: -
play in/output shaft locked 20 degrees
Turning the output flange by hand does not give a good feeling

Opened the transfer box and yes, gold nuggets. Concentrated at the lower part of the inputshaft cover.



One of the 4 bronze spacers is completely gone. The bearing of the output flange has a lot of play as expected. The rest does not look that bad.


The hole in the central housing for the layshaft is round within 0,02 mm.

Play Lo-Hi selector between 0,10 and 0,15 mm, OK


                            Wear on High gear diff axle.

The intermidiate shaft has a solid bush of 58,76 mm, not collapsible, and the bearing lost 0,01 mm, so i will re-use the old bush and will not aply the collapsible one.



Layshaft bearing Timken NP510716  LT  , has some radial strippes.

Output shaft gearbox